How To Cut Cannabis Clones

cannabis clones
If you’ve got a cannabis plant that is healthy and performing well a great idea is to clone it.  You could clone and veg it for a couple of months and let her grow into a beautiful mother plant and then turn that mother into a decent size crop!  The genetics will be the same so as long as they’re kept in the same growing conditions all the clones will look and grow the same as each other and perform as well as their mothers before them.

Mother plants need 18-24 hours of light per day and should be at least 2 months old to provide clones that have the best possibility of growing into a healthy plant.  You want to keep your mothers as comfortable as possible, if they get stressed they are more likely to produce weak clones.  Mother and clone share the exact same dna, bad cultivation practices or chemicals can altar the DNA so unless damaged somewhere along the way the DNA of the clone will remain the same as the mother.  After 4 weeks the clone will be acting like a 4 month old plant and can be induced into flower if you flip it to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark.

You’ll need

  • Clean bucket of fresh clean drinking water to place the clones in
  • Sanitized razor blade to cut and trim the clones
  • Rockwool cubes that have been dunked in water that has a PH of between 5-6 and sitting in a self draining tray
  • Rooting gel - Clonex
  • A humidity dome that fits and seals over the tray
  • Light for the clones to sit under

Take your razor blade and slice a 45 degree cut across healthy branches that are roughly 3-6mm thick and 5-10cm in length. Trim off any lower nodes and leaves while leaving at least 2 sets of leaves at the top then place in a cup of water.  Continue cutting clones until you have the desired amount.

Take your freshly cut clones and one by one dip the cut end of the stem into the rooting hormone for about 5 seconds and then into the rockwool cubes.  You want to get the clone about 1.5cm deep. Once you’ve planted all of your clones, place your humidity dome over the top and make sure all vents are closed to keep the environment very humid 95-100rh.

Place the dome under a flurorescent light that will remain on for 24 hours a day.

After 2 days crack the bottom of the dome slightly so it’s not sealed and then for the rest of the week slowly open the vents a little more each day gradually reducing the humidity from 100% to 80%.  By the end of the week if any of the cuttings are still looking wilted, pull them out as they will never catch up to the others.

After 2 weeks the clones should have grown some healthy roots and will be ready to be transplanted.


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